Stella the Stork

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Jane delightfully illustrated the first Stella the Stork story. She gained a BA (Hons) at North Staffordshire University in art and design and has worked as an illustrator and art tutor for many years. She lives in Cheshire.

img510Dee img517 JOHN HOLLAND ON BOAT img006Annie

Annie Holland has led a varied and eventful life. Her schooldays passed her by in a happy blur, until, in the early 60’s, she joined a local theatre to tread the boards. During one prolonged “resting” period, she took to selling advertising space on football programmes, a completely male dominated occupation at the time, requiring a lot of travelling. As a consequence, she met and married a journalist and the travelling continued. “I never knew from one week to the next where we would end up, but there was rarely a dull moment.”

John led a fascinating and varied life. His love of boats started at a young age. Many a vessel on the Manchester Ship canal had to dodge a small boy in a homemade boat constructed from an old aluminium advertising hoarding, hair-raisingly navigating the waters! He attended Manchester College of Art but was asked to leave as he was too disruptive! He acted in films, once owned a small cargo boat in which he delivered bacalhau (dried fish) to Norway, and when the border was closed delivered supplies to Gibraltar from Morocco.

Dee Foy was born and grew up in Liverpool. She attended Liverpool Art College for 4 years in the 1960’s studying Fine Art. In the 1980’s, she worked full-time producing artwork for the Shootsey Animation Studio in London until leaving to have a family. She still lives in Liverpool with the father of her two daughters and now works as a freelance artist.

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Embassies, Conventions – and particularly Clubs, where she once met the Kray twins. Resolving to settle down, Annie became first a stewardess at a golf club and then graduated to pub landlady. One pub was at Borehamwood, close to the Film Studios. It is not everyone can say that Robert Mitchum crashed out on their settee!

Eventually the wanderlust returned. On impulse she took a two week bucket holiday to Kenya, missed the plane home and stayed six months! Another trip to Rome ended up in an alarming kidnap by a rogue taxi driver. And then she went to Portugal and met John Holland. John was a sailor and artist who lived for most of the year on a boat and Annie organised the publicity for his art exhibitions and wrote articles and reviews for the local papers.


Frequent visits along the Iberian Peninsula led to his love of Portugal where he eventually settled and had a boat charter business. In later life he returned to painting, wrote and held successful art exhibitions.

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